The A.M.I.S. product range comprises valves and electrovalves, hydraulic systems and fire extinguishing systems, pumps and electropumps, tanks, pressure tanks, feeders and a wide range of other accessories.

The company proposes ONDASTOP check valves for residential and industrial plant engineering, for water works, water supply systems, water treatment systems, steelworks, AMISJET air feeders for water works, automatic air feeders and other uses, AMISYSTEM water pressure boosters for residential and industrial use with purpose-designed pumps, AMISFIRE water pressure boosters for fire extinguishing systems.


In the valves and fittings sector, the company proposes valves of every type and for every requirement for shut-off, control and regulation of fluids.


For fluid pressure boosting and transport, the company furnishes various types of pumps for all sectors of industry and also domestic systems.


The company specialises in the sale of tanks of purpose-designed capacity, shape and dimensions for the collection of drinking water in pressure tank systems, storm water and the collection of wastewater.


To contain water under pressure in pressure boosting and lifting systems, the company proposes up to 10,000 litre pressure tanks and up to 500 litre membrane pressure tanks. It also provides all types of hydraulic accessories, such as safety valves, automatic feeders, vibration-damping hoses, fittings, in addition to a vast assortment of accessories for fire extinguishing systems and electrical accessories.


The product range also comprises numerous types of filters for all types of applications, also available in a self-cleaning, anti-scale and sand separator version.

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