Design of hydraulic systems

Our water pressure boosters for AMISYSTEM pressure tank systems and AMISFIRE fire-fighting systems are constructed to cater to specific customer requirements.


We are convinced of the need for attentive analysis of each plant and specific targeted selection of the components used for each, from pumps to valves up to and including hydraulic and electrical accessories.


For these reasons, according to indications provided by the customer and with the expertise and experience acquired over the years, we are able to design and furnish the most suitable pressure booster system for each specific requirement without necessarily adopting standard products that in many cases do not comply with users effective requirements.


In addition to water pressure boosting systems for pressure tank and fire-fighting systems, we design and construct pressure booster, filtering, mixing and all other types of units according to the customer’s requirements.


Our technicians cooperate with the customer in designing the system in order to identify the best solutions and to implement these in the most effective way possible.

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Technical assistance


We provide customers and the engineering studios with which we cooperate with free consulting and prior estimates in order to construct a product able to meet all requirements and specific requests.


On-site surveys are also carried out to select the best plant engineering solution together with the customer and to personally verify the problems that may effectively occur at the time of installation of the system.


Our products are furnished complete with all the necessary accessories for correct functioning and commissioning of the system and are stringently tested and engineered to permit simple activation.