Constr. fire-f. eqp.

Design of fire extinguishing systems


Today, fire safety is one of the main concerns both in the public and private environment: the sector is governed by stringent national and international regulations that impose particular standards of conformity.


For many years, A.M.I.S. Srl, based in Turin, has been a reference point for the construction of fire extinguishing systems: the company produces water booster systems for fire extinguishing systems according to current UNI 12845 standards for fixed fire extinguishing systems, for automatic sprinkler systems, UNI 10779 fire extinguishing equipment with hydrant networks and hoses, UNI 11292 regarding the premises intended to house fire pump sets.


The units designed by the Turin-based company are constructed with electropumps and motor pumps with horizontal axis centrifugal compensation pump for positive suction systems and vertical axis for negative suction systems.

Accessories for fire extinguishing systems


The fire extinguishing systems are then pre-assembled on a single frame or on independent frames according to the requirements of the customer and are furnished complete with all the accessories required by regulations:


  • eccentric suction sections
  • test and control devices and circuits
  • flow meters
  • pump priming tanks for negative suction systems.
  • control panels


All pumping unit components comply with the requirements of current legislation. For a complete all-round service, the design of fire extinguishing systems can also be carried out with the creation of the hydraulic system. The company is also active in the areas of Milan, Genoa and Florence.