Industrial filters, disk and cartridge type

A.M.I.S. of Turin constructs industrial filters, such as disk and cartridge filters with a FILTRATION EFFICIENCY suitable for every type of application, available also with time or volume controlled self-cleaning function; hydrocyclone sand removal filters, magnetic anti-scale filters. It also furnishes automatic softeners and UV bacteria killers.

Filters for eliminating impurities in water

The main function of disk filters is to eliminate the impurities in water, such as sand, oxides or other substances in suspension of a size of between 400 and 20 micron. The filtering element consists of a pack of plastic disks, grooved on both sides with a depth and slope such as to guarantee filtering of solids in suspension.

Simple washing of the pack of disks is sufficient to eliminate impurities from the external surface. This filtering system is not affected by wear of the filtering element and therefore guarantees prefect filtration of the water.

Self-cleaning filters

The Turin company furnishes a complete kit for washing of the filters that consists in automation of the operations necessary for cleaning through application of a time programmer and electrovalve to the filter. The kit comprises a digital electronic control unit with variable program and a membrane electrovalve for programmed discharge of the filter.

Types of filters

The Turin-based company designs and constructs filters of different types:

  • disk
  • cartridge
  • self-cleaning
  • domestics
  • for pure water
  • hydrocyclone
  • anti-scale
  • softeners
  • UV bacteria killers