Constr. fire-f. eqp.

Fire safety is a priority in both the private and public sectors: national and international regulations regulate the sector, obliging compliance with strict compliance standards.


AMIS, which has its headquarters in Turin, has for many years been a point of reference in the implementation of fire fighting groups for all customer needs: the company in fact produces water pressurization groups for fire-fighting systems according to the current UNI 12845 regulations for fixed fire-fighting installations for automatic sprinkler systems, UNI 10779 for fire extinguishing systems with hydrant networks and hoses, UNI 11292 for rooms intended to house pumping units for fire-fighting systems.


The AMISFIRE groups, designed by A.M.I.S., are made with electric pumps and / or feed motor pumps, with compensation pump. They are pre-assembled on a single frame or on independent frames according to the customer’s needs and are supplied with all the accessories required by the law.


Our technicians, in defining the essential requisites and in the design of the system, collaborate with the client, or with the technical office that assists him, to identify the best solutions and to implement them in the most effective way possible.


We are available to perform inspections on the site of destination of the plant for the choice of the best technical solutions for installation and commissioning.

All our production groups are subject to finalization and final testing at our workshop, in the presence of the customer if requested, with the release of the relative test certificates.