electrical accessories

Assortment of electrical accessories

Pressure tank systems, pumps and valves require electrical accessories in order to function. A.M.I.S. of Turin furnishes all types accessories, always available in large quantities in stock, ranging from:

  • pressure switches
  • pump control panels
  • inverters
  • float switches
  • electrovalves
  • probes and compressors
  • level switches for pressure tank internal and external
  • electromechanical and electronic control panels
  • control panels for submersible pumps
  • control panels for fire extinguishing systems
  • blade type flow switches for liquids made of stainless steel and plastic

It is possible to choose between many variants for each type of product. Simply contact our staff for detailed information at the following number 011 7399696, or visit offices in Via Borgomasino 71/73, Turin.

Electrical float switches

This type of switch permits automation of pumps and hydraulic systems in order to reach a pre-established level. To determine control levels, the cable must be secured to a fixed point with a cable clip or with the specific counterweight furnished on request at midway of the control action.

The length of the cable left free between the fixed point and the switch determines the minimum and maximum level of tripping.