Water drainage equipment


Electropumps, adopted to transport various types of liquids, are frequently used in the drainage of sewage sludge accumulation tanks (but can also be used in different contexts) in view of their ability to work completely immersed in the fluid transported.


Use of electric energy means that these devices are able to achieve very high performance levels, with a consequent reduction in consumption which is usually increased to a very high level by engines powered by fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel oil (which however are essential alternatives when working at sites without a mains supply).


Consulting for fluid-dynamic systems


A.M.I.S. srl is a company based in Turin specialised in the construction of electropumps and other fluid motion and transport devices (for example, valves and fittings, also electric), and also complete plants, for example those for boosting water pressure in fire extinguishing systems in the residential and industrial environment.


A.M.I.S. also works with customers in the Provinces of Bologna, Milan and Florence and also in foreign industrial districts. With more than 60 years’ sector-specific experience, it has a vast catalogue also of historic importance. Access the specific section of this site dedicated to Contacts for further information.