Water treatment systems


A.M.I.S. srl, based in Turin but also present in the areas of Milan, Bologna and Florence, is now a leading group in the production of valves and fittings in general and of industrial valves for all customer requirements. The company produces ONDASTOP full flow, anti-water hammer check valves with rubber membrane featuring silent operation and low pressure loss, suitable for fluids in general (drinking water, waste water, sewage) and compressed air, guaranteeing full compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety.


Industrial valves, used in residential and industrial plant engineering, at waterworks, in water supply systems, water treatment plants and in heating and conditioning systems, made of materials such as cast iron, brass and stainless steel with membranes of different elastomers able to cater to a wide range of requirements. All our valves are designed for working pressures of up to 16 bar, with threaded attachments from ? 1/2″ to ? 3″ and with DN 50 to DN 700 flanged attachments.


Actuators for remote control of valves


Our catalogue also comprises flanged and threaded valves, for shut-off, control and regulation of all types of fluid, with manual control or via pneumatic or electric actuators. To receive further information or to identify the ideal solution for your requirements, consult our qualified staff for all the information you require.