Hydraulic Accessories

Electrical accessories for hydraulic systems


The control and management of the motion of fluids, of water in particular, plays an extremely important role in contemporary urban development as a modern city with its services, must necessarily be equipped with a considerable number of pressure boosting systems able to deliver drinking water immediately to our taps even if located in the 20th floor of a building.


However, water supply systems have a decisive weight also as regards the industrial production system that, not by chance, originated from the ability to exploit the pressure of fluids to generate movement.


Water supply systems and accessories


A.M.I.S. srl addresses the production of various types of hydraulic accessories, i.e. all those elements that make it possible to develop a water supply system whether a small system, large aqueduct or even a drainage system for sewage sludge accumulation tanks.


A.M.I.S. srl manufactures pumps, electropumps, valves, check valves and various other items in the field of valves and fittings. It is based in Turin but maintains intense commercial relations also with the Provinces of Milan, Bologna and Florence.