Design of hydraulic systems

AMIS has a highly qualified technical and commercial staff with proven experience, extremely attentive to customer needs.


Each plant needs a careful analysis of the technical requirements to allow the reasonable choice of each component used: pumps, valves, hydraulic and electrical accessories.


AMISYSTEM and AMISFIRE fire-fighting systems are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the customer, avoiding the standardization of the components that may limit the optimal technical response to the customer’s needs.


In addition to water pressure and fire-fighting systems, we design and manufacture pressure systems for filtering, mixing and any other system according to the customer’s needs.


Our technicians while defining the basic technical features collaborate with the client or with his technical office to identify the best solutions and to implement them in the most effective way.


AMIS is available to perform inspections on the location of the plant for the choice of the best technical solutions for the installation.


All systems are tested in our workshop, even in the presence of the customer if requested, with the issue of the relevant test certificates.

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Technical assistance


We provide our customers and their technical studies free inspections and we give free estimates aimed at creating a product suitable for specific needs and matching with specific requests.


We carry out inspections with our customers to choose together the best technical solutions and to check the actual problems that may arise when the system is installed.


Our products are supplied with all the accessories that are needed for the proper functioning and for the implementation of the system and they are carefully tested and pre-set to allow a simple starting.